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Grade levels:

3rd – 12th graders in Tennessee are welcome to join our online private school or access our online homeschool curriculum.

Dolphin STEM Academy Features:

  • Approved by the state of TN
  • Courses for graduation requirements
  • NCAA-Approved courses
  • Teacher support, interactive features
  • 24/7 online courses & STEM electives
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Social interaction, STEM clubs, & activities
  • College & Career platform access
  • Family newsletter
  • Choose between online homeschool or online private school
  • Gamified portal to keep you motivated and engaged in learning!

Curriculum Workload and Pacing

The online homeschool curriculum is comprehensive and includes academic courses (Math, Science, English, and History/Social Studies) and electives.  You can use the automatic built-in calendar which assigns due dates for coursework or use the self-pacing option.   The curriculum is fully online and available throughout the year!

Pricing and Payment:

Dolphin STEM Homeschool offers affordable monthly payment plans for as low as $99 per month with easy cancellation!  Save big when you pay in full upon registration!

Discounts include family & friends discount when they register together, military discount for active duty and retired US service member parents & grandparents, and payment in full discount. 

Registration Information:

Homeschool curriculum access options include month-to-month or 10-months (full-year/2 semesters).  Homeschoolers in 6th – 12th grade can sign-up today! 

TN Accredited Online Homeschool & Online Private School FAQs

How does it work?

The homeschooler logs into their online curriculum platform and works in each course.  There are exciting lessons, videos, and interactive activities in the curriculum!

What’s included in the Homeschool Package?

Online courses (Middle School – Math, Science, English, History, and 1 elective, and for High School – Math, Science, English, History, and 2 electives; weekly progress reports; grading of coursework (optional); homeschool DIY assessment (optional); and access to our college and career platform, online clubs, live events, and more!

How long do homeschoolers have access to the curriculum?

There are 2 curriculum access options:

  • Month to month access
  • 10-months access: For a full homeschool year, you will get 10-months access which includes 2 semesters of courses, Semester  A  and Semester B.  If you want to use 10-months on just one semester of courses, that’s fine too!

Homeschoolers usually complete 1 semester in 5 months which is half of a homeschool year; 2 semesters or 10 months is usually enough time to complete the entire homeschool year.

When can I start?

Register today and you can start as early as 3 business days!

What grade levels are available?

6th – 12th grade homeschoolers are welcome to join!  Dolphin STEM offers an elementary curriculum for siblings of our homeschooled students.

Will Dolphin STEM create my report card and transcript?

As a Dolphin STEM homeschooling family, we will work with you to create your homeschool attendance records, final report card, and transcripts.

What’s the difference between online homeschool and online private school?

As a homeschooling family, you make the ultimate decisions regarding your homeschooler’s education including teaching and tutoring.  You register with your local school district as a homeschooler and follow the homeschool rules (if any).  In the online private school, Dolphin STEM is responsible for enrolling private school students and provides tutoring support with live teachers, college and career guidance counseling, specialized events for private school students, and more!

Is tutoring included?

The Teacher-supported homeschool package includes tutoring! The Teacher-supported option is best for homeschoolers who want the features in our online homeschool with monthly tutoring support and the option to resubmit instructor-graded assignments.  One 30-minute tutoring sessions is included in the Teacher-supported option per month.  4 academic core courses and up to 2 elective courses are included in your curriculum.  

When are monthly payments due?

Your deposit is due upon registration. The monthly installment payment plan will begin 30 days later with your first monthly payment.

Do you offer discounts? Yes, we offer discounts and monthly payment plans!


  • Military discount – Get $100 off registration if your homeschooler has a retired or active duty US military parent or grandparent (proof needed).  
  • Family & Friends discount – Register siblings or friends at the same time and get $50 off for each homeschooler!

FULL Payment discount – Save $100 off the Teacher-supported homeschool, or $50 off the Independent Homeschool when you pay in full during registration.

When can I register? And should I choose full-year or monthly?

You can register anytime throughout the year!  If your homeschooler completed half of the school year already, you can choose the monthly homeschool option to complete your homeschool year.  However, if you need a full homeschool year, then choose the 10-month (2 semester) full-year option.

What is the refund policy?

The registration fee is nonrefundable.  For monthly payments, you can cancel anytime to stop future monthly payments; 3 business days notice is required to ensure timely cancellation.  For payment in full, you can use our cancellation form within 7 days of registration start date to apply for a pro-rated refund, however the registration fee portion of the homeschool package is not refundable.  Refunds are usually processed within 5 business days.