6th - 12th Grade Summer Courses

Get back on track with flexible, customized, online summer courses!

Option 1:

Independent Study Summer Courses

Need a summer refresher? Prefer to self-study?
Enroll in our flexible, online summer courses to give yourself a chance to confidently mastery key concepts and skills.
Independent study courses are available 24/7 for easy access, and best of all there’s no stress, no pressure!  You work at your own pace during the summer schedule.  Customize the course with your own passing benchmark levels and re-attempts for tests and assessments.
Independent study summer courses are available from May 1st – August 30th and cost only $99 each.

Browse our course catalog and find your summer courses today


Choose from HUNDREDS of academic core courses and electives! 

Option 2:

Teacher-Supported Summer Courses

TEACHER SUPPORT is now available as an option for online 6th-12th grade summer courses!
Get the help you need to pass your summer course. Certified teachers are available with the teacher support option Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm EST.
Best of all, if you successfully complete your course, you’ll get transferable course credit!
Teacher-supported online courses cost $499 and are available from May 1 to August 30th.

Easy built-in student instructional supports!

  • Each lesson is introduced with the learning objective, brief overview, key vocabulary, and introductory video.
  • Direct instruction videos – detailed step by step guidance and instruction for each lesson
  • Vocabulary and reference feature – definitions, correct pronunciation, and background information to help build academic vocabulary; vocabulary games are available too!
  • Translation tool – select a word or phrase to translate into over 20 languages!  Audio support is available to hear the translation for most languages.
  • Text to speech audio support – choose from 6 voice readers to hear the lesson, and follow along as the words being read are highlighted
  • Teacher and student note taking feature within the online curriculum – students can annotate their work by taking notes in the lesson using color coded “sticky notes” for quick review; teachers/parents can also add sticky notes in the lessons and print them for later use
  • Messaging capability – students and teachers/parents can message each other directly in a lesson to ask questions or provide support directly within the curriculum; for example, “I don’t know how to get the answer for this math question, can you help me setup the problem please?”
  • Video transcript – transcripts of embedded videos are available and can be used with the translation tool!
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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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