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High School.  Accelerated or Traditional.  Choose YOUR pace @DolphinSTEM
Our curriculum consists of a variety of research-based, pedagogically sound educational programs and resources. To ensure rigor and depth of complexity, we incorporate the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. For our general education core program, we have contracted with a leading education services company. Designed to meet the needs of 21st century students, our general education core curriculum incorporates rich multimedia, dynamic learning activities, direct instruction videos, virtual laboratories, and multiple embedded instructional supports into the instructional content.

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High School 

YOU decide.  Like the idea of graduating high school with college credit?  Then our dual enrollment program is for you. Do you prefer the traditional 4 year high school sequence of courses?  Or are you up for the challenge of a heavier courseload to graduate early? The choice is YOURS.
Accelerated or Traditional High School
Students can gradate in as little as  2 years with a year-round school option!  Schedule courses according to your needs–short courses every 9 weeks, or full-length courses with a heavier courseload.  Enroll in courses that you are interested in to satisfy graduation requirements and college admissions.
Or take the traditional route and graduate in 4 years.  Take internships, certification courses, learn a trade–choose whatever YOU want to help achieve your goals!
8th grade students can begin enrolling in high school courses if they are academically and social-emotionally prepared.
College and Career Planning 
Don’t waste time or money.  We’ll show you how to achieve your goals at your pace.
Our College and Career Program provides students with a career interests survey and personality profile to narrow down career options that may be a good fit. We help students plan for the future and create goals for each year.  Our program helps students narrow down their college lists based on their likelihood of acceptance and helps to consider financial requirements for each college.  Our online software will keep track of your grades, recommendation letters, test scores, extracurricular activities such as volunteering and jobs, and your college applications.
Dual Enrollment – Earn College Credit in High School
Dual Enrollment options are available!  Don’t waste time and money–take a dual enrollment course and get BOTH high school and college credit for the course!  That means your can finish up with college sooner and with less expenses!  In addition to dual enrollment, we offer CLEP Test Prep.  The CLEP Tests are owned by The Collegeboard–the same company that owns SAT and AP exams.  With the CLEP tests, you can get college credit based on your passing score! Speak to our certified guidance counselor about your options today!
Teacher support and live help
Our teachers and tutors hold live office hours for student support Monday – Thursday. Students can also message teachers directly within the online curriculum on the exact page that they need help with!  Teachers respond to messages on the same school day!  Our team also helps to guide student academic development by providing ‘checks for understanding’ throughout the school year; the checks are mini-assessments which the student complete via web conference or phone with our teachers and tutors.
Wondering about the workload for online school? Students typically work on the general education core and enrichment courses for 3 to 5 hours daily for 4 days per week, and take a 5th day for offline learning activities which may include service learning/volunteering, physical education and sports, music, cooking and nutrition, art, and more.  Flexible scheduling allows the student to progress through the courses at an individual pace.  General education courses include Math, Science, English Language Arts, and History/Social Studies.
Students benefit from a wide range of electives to choose from—they are sure to find specialty electives to help develop their STEM passions! Our electives are an eclectic mix of general elective courses, foreign language enrichment courses, and specialized STEM learning opportunities.  From animation and graphic design to zoology and Mandarin Chinese, your favorite electives are just a click away!  All private school students receive a student user account for Adobe Creative Cloud!
High school students complete two years of the same world language, and at least 1 semester of another world language.  World language electives for Dolphin STEM Academy private school students are based on the top 3 business world languages. Other than English, these are:
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Arabic (Modern Standard)
  • Spanish
In addition to electives, students can participate in a wide range of clubs.  Blog and fine tune graphic design and animation skills with our digital media production club. Gain leadership experience as a member of the student council. Showcase your intellectual skills in our Honor Society. Compete in our various STEM competitions–globally and locally!
Our goal is to help prepare every Dolphin STEM Academy student to achieve their dreams and live their passion! Join our High School program!

Assessments and Enrichment

At Dolphin STEM Academy, we are committed to student growth and development. To ensure student progress, we universally screen all students at the beginning of their academic year and continue assessing throughout the year using the NWEA MAP suite of assessments, general core assessments, and student ‘checks for understanding.’  The assessments pinpoint the strength and challenges of each student and identifies what is needed for individual continued growth.  NWEA MAP assessment results are integrated with our customized general core curriculum and provide a rich array of data for teachers to help advance student learning.
We also use the MAP assessment to help predict future ACT scores for students in 5th-12th grade; the results help teachers to promote learning activities to strengthen test taking skills and master content to achieve higher ACT scores.  Our ongoing student ‘checks for understanding’ give students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of subject knowledge during an online web conference with a teacher/tutor.  The checks help to ensure that students have gained sufficient content knowledge to be successful in the course.  The data from our various assessments helps us to provide enrichment to help struggling learners and to challenge advanced learners.

Graduation Requirements

Dolphin STEM Academy STEM Honors Diploma requirements (other Diploma options available):
  • 4 Credits of Math
  • 4 Credits of Science with Lab
  • 4 Credits of English/Literature Studies
  • 3 Credits in History to include World History (1), US History (1), American Government (0.5) and one elective History/Social Science course
  • Seminar in Pre-Collegiate Studies and Service Learning
  • 2 Credits in STEM Specialization
  • STEM Capstone Project
  • 2 Credits in World Languages (must be 2 credits in the same language)
  • 0.5 Credit in Economics, Psychology, Sociology, or another Social Science
  • 0.5 Credit in Personal Finance
  • 0.5 Credit in Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Health and Wellness
Click below for a list of our general ed and elective courses.  If you want to suggest a course, email us at hello@dolphinstemacademy.com

Course Catalog

Course Listing

Want to know more about our curriculum?  We go beyond and offer an invigorating selection of courses.  Check out our full course listing.


We are able to tailor your course selections based on your learning needs!

Curriculum DEMO

Our STEM Approach
Tired of Robotics and Coding classes as a STEM program?  At Dolphin STEM Academy, we take STEM seriously.  STEM goes beyond robotics and coding programs.  Our students have passions for health and medical fields, digital media, sustainable engineering, animation, programming, graphic design, marine biology and zoology, nanotechnology, and more! Private school students receive a student user account for Adobe Creative Cloud and learn to use the components in our #STEMsynergy sessions! With exciting STEM courses and live #STEMsynergy sessions, you’ll never be bored!
Dive deeper with self-study of your favorite STEM areas and teacher-supported skill development.  Enrolling in our online school gives you the advantage of flexibility of scheduling, a self-directed learning pace, and access to a variety of your favorite courses!  Explore STEM careers during our “STEM Talk” sessions.  Learn about pathways into STEM career fields, internship opportunities, and more!
STEM Projects
One thing that sets our students apart from other private school students is their passion for their STEM area.  Dolphin STEM Academy students engage in a deep study of their field and also take a hands-on, practical approach in their learning.
Through service learning, students design an independent or collaborative project that can positively impact a local or global community.  Students are empowered and motivated to provide solutions to ongoing issues.  A teacher mentor will help guide students through their project.
Honors and Gifted
Honors and gifted students have a real solution! Don’t settle for a 30-minute pull-out session or an extra project at the end of the year at public school.  At Dolphin STEM Academy, we truly nurture honors and gifted students by providing challenging coursework throughout the school year.  Use your critical thinking and problem solving skills while focusing on coursework with a greater depth of knowledge.  Opportunities are available to take Honors courses in Middle and High School, and to participate in honor societies.
College Prep
Our entire education program is centered on college preparedness and continuing education.  STEM careers are  demanding fields that require a solid foundation in Math and Sciences.  To prepare you for this challenge, Dolphin STEM Academy offers:
  • Optional accelerated pacing for Math and Science courses to give you the opportunity to take additional higher level courses such as Calculus, Statistics, Physics, and Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Annual assessments that provide a predicted ACT score and informs of your strengths and weaknesses with the college entrance exam.
  • Our test prep courses to increase your confidence and knowledge to achieve a higher score.
  • An option for dual enrollment at a U.S. college to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously while you are still a high school student.
  • Graduation counselors to guide you through the process of preparing for and applying to colleges and universities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will receive ongoing student support–yes we REALLY mean it!
  • We offer daily learning ownership check-ins.  No more incomplete assignments or lack of motivation. Students connect with our learning support specialists every morning and discuss their student-created learning plan for the day! This helps students gain key leadership skills such as independence, grit, determination, and intrinsic motivation!
  • Unlike many virtual schools, we assess our students 3 times per year!  We administer the NWEA MAP Growth assessment for Science, Math, Reading, and Language Use!  We use the results to help you grow academically and achieve your goals!
  • Our learning support specialists are available to answer your questions during our live homework help sessions.  Need math help?  No problem! Log into the Math Homework Helpline!
  • You can participate in monthly STEM synergy sessions–clubs, live lessons, science labs, and more!  Our clubs include Graphic Design, Coding and Programming, and Engineering Design!
  • Live homework sessions are available throughout the week at various times of the day to provide on demand help sessions.
  • Students meet with their teachers regularly throughout the week, scheduled based on both student and teacher availability–no pre-set times!
  • Our curriculum is 100% online for 3rd – 12th graders and contains built-in support to make learning easy and fun!  The curriculum contains built-in support including guided notes, text to speech read aloud, interactive graphing paper and functions for Math, dictionary tool to help define words, and more! Videos, games, and quizzes also help to reinforce the lesson content.  For English language learners, there is also a translation tool to allow you to translate text in the courseware into your native language–over 20 languages are available!
  • Academic advisors and our certified guidance counselor are here to help you design a personalized pathway for your STEM education.
  • Our key focus is college prep for STEM careers.  We provide a variety of opportunities to specialize in STEM fields through course content, practical experience, and certifications.  Students take the MAP growth assessment three times per year which provides a correlation to predicted ACT scores.  We also provide college entrance exam preparation in high school.
  • We LOVE STEM!  We help to develop passions in STEM fields and nurture the critical thinking skills that are required in STEM careers.
For our full-time online STEM school, we enroll students in 3rd -12th grades.  Each application is carefully reviewed and we meet with families online to create your child’s school plan.  We offer regular, gifted, honors, and accelerated classes.
We are unable to enroll students with negative behavioral tendencies, nor students who are not motivated to take ownership of their learning.
To enroll, complete the application form and submit previous school records along with your consent for records from other schools.
The 2020-21 school year begins on August 3, 2020, but we enroll continuously throughout the year.  Students must complete the school year within at least 10 months.

Dolphin STEM 2020-21 Calendar updated

There is a $99 application fee and a current tuition special of $2,999!

The full-time private school is for students who want to be registered with a private school and have the guidance and support of certified teachers and academic counselors.  Private school students receive support from our staff for the academic school year August through May, but are able to use the curriculum through July if necessary.  The curriculum is based on the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards; state specific standards can be also be used, just let your academic advisor know during your enrollment conference.  California students can also tailor their courses to California requirements for entry into the California public university system.
Independent study homeschoolers purchase the curriculum and use it independently as homeschool students.  Please discuss homeschool requirements with your local school district or state Department of Education.
We can provide state specific courses, including California A-G courses!


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Explore our full course catalog and find YOUR perfect mix of courses!

Dolphin STEM

Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.

The support from the staff is amazing!

My daughter and I are so excited to start a new school year with Dolphin STEM Academy! The support from...

Deborah S.

Dolphin STEM Academy

Deborah S.

My daughter and I are so excited to start a new school year with Dolphin STEM Academy! The support from the staff is amazing! Debbie has a genuine interest in educating my child per her abilities and interests. I am so glad we found an 

We are so glad!

This is our 1st year homeschooling and we are so glad that we chose Dolphin STEM Academy

Erin, mom of a 5th grader

Dolphin STEM Academy

Erin, mom of a 5th grader

This is our 1st year homeschooling and we are so glad that we chose Dolphin STEM Academy

“Absolutely wonderful”

My daughter's work is completely tailored to her needs and pace.
Dolphin STEM Academy
My daughter’s work is completely tailored to her needs and pace.
Dolphin STEM Academy
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Dolphin STEM

Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
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