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Our elementary school curriculum is tailored to help support and prepare for STEM education.

The curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Designed to meet the needs of 21st-century students, our general education curriculum incorporates rich multimedia, dynamic learning activities, direct instructional videos, virtual labs, and multiple embedded instructional supports in the instructional content.

Elementary STEM School

Students in Elementary use the general core curriculum which includes an array of teaching videos, readings, and assessments. Along with our general core, students will have a full suite of courses, electives, foreign languages, and specialized STEM activities. Certified teachers are assigned to each general education course, and students can message the teacher with questions directly within the course pages!

Teacher support and live help

Our teachers and tutors hold live office hours for student support Monday – Thursday. Students can also message teachers directly within the online curriculum on the exact page that they need help with!  Teachers respond to messages on the same school day!  Our team also helps to guide student academic development by providing ‘checks for understanding’ throughout the school year; the checks are mini-assessments which the student complete via web conference or phone with our teachers and tutors.


Wondering about the workload for online school? Students typically work on the general education core and enrichment courses for 3-5 hours daily for 5 days per week. Flexible scheduling allows the student to progress through the courses at an individual pace.  General education courses include Math, Science, English Language Arts, and History/Social Studies.


Students benefit from a wide range of electives to choose from—they are sure to find specialty electives to help develop their STEM passions! Our electives are an eclectic mix of general elective courses, world language enrichment courses, and specialized STEM learning opportunities.

In addition to electives, students can participate in a wide range of clubs.  Blog and fine tune graphic design and animation skills with our digital media production club. Gain leadership experience as a member of the student council. Showcase your intellectual skills in our Honor Society. Compete in our various STEM competitions–globally and locally!

Our goal is to help prepare every Dolphin STEM Academy student to achieve their dreams and live their passion! Join our Elementary program!

Assessments and Enrichment

At Dolphin STEM Academy, we are committed to student growth and development. To ensure student progress, we universally screen all students at the beginning of the academic year and continue assessing throughout the year using the NWEA MAP suite of assessments, our online general education curriculum assessments, and student ‘checks for understanding.’  The assessments pinpoint the strength and challenges of each student and identifies what is needed for individual continued growth.


Our ongoing student ‘checks for understanding’ give students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of subject knowledge during an online web conference with a teacher/tutor.  The checks help to ensure that students have gained sufficient content knowledge to be successful in the course.  The data from our various assessments helps us to provide enrichment to help struggling learners and to challenge advanced learners.

Our STEM Approach

Tired of Robotics and Coding classes as a STEM program?  At Dolphin STEM Academy, we take STEM seriously.  STEM goes beyond robotics and coding programs.  Our students have passions for health and medical fields, digital media, sustainable engineering, animation, programming, graphic design, marine biology and zoology, nanotechnology, and more!  Private school students receive a student user account for Adobe Creative Cloud and learn to use the components in our #STEMsynergy sessions! With exciting STEM courses and live #STEMsynergy sessions, you’ll never be bored!


Dive deeper with self-study of your favorite STEM areas and teacher-supported skill development.  Enrolling in our online school gives you the advantage of flexibility of scheduling, a self-directed learning pace, and access to a variety of your favorite courses!  Explore STEM careers during our “STEM Talk” sessions.  Learn about pathways into STEM career fields, internship opportunities, and more!

STEM Projects

One thing that sets our students apart from other private school students is their passion for their STEM area.  Dolphin STEM Academy students engage in a deep study of their field and also take a hands-on, practical approach in their learning.

Through service learning, students design an independent or collaborative project that can positively impact a local or global community.  Students are empowered and motivated to provide solutions to ongoing issues.  A teacher mentor will help guide students through their project.

Foreign Students Seeking a US Education

Are you interested in a career in STEM? Do you want to receive a US education and diploma?  Do you want additional support in mastering English?  

Then consider becoming an international student at Dolphin STEM Academy.  Our online program provides support for international students including translation of the curriculum, English language training, and teachers to guide you along the way.  It’s never been easier to get an online US High School Diploma!  Study from the comfort of your home in your native country–no need to travel to the US!  Dolphin STEM Academy offers a rigorous online college prep curriculum with an English learning program at an affordable rate!  Contact one of our International admissions advisors to begin your application today!  Email us at international@dolphinstemacademy.com

American Expats and US Military Families

Stationed overseas?  Need a strong academic online school?  Dolphin STEM Academy is the right choice!  US Military families are welcomed and receive a generous discount off the domestic tuition rate.

American expats living abroad enjoy the domestic tuition rate at Dolphin STEM Academy.  Enjoy the benefits of having a strong American education at your fingertips.  We can accept course credits from international schools, speak to an academic advisor today!

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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
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