Online Private Middle School

Dolphin STEM Academy

Are you looking for a challenging online STEM middle school with courses for students with passions in coding, science, engineering & technology, math, business, or health & medicine? You’ve come to the right place–Dolphin STEM Academy is an accredited online STEM middle school at an affordable price!

6th – 8th Grade Online Middle School


  • Challenging online courses & STEM electives empower middle school students to develop independence, critical thinking, and problem solving skill
  • LIVE virtual study hall with tutoring give students a chance to work quietly in study hall and get LIVE help when needed
  • Weekly progress reports are available in the parent portal to track student logins, grades, progress, and more
  • Achievement testing up to 3 times per year measure student growth and pinpoint areas for intervention
  • STEM clubs, events, and activities provide opportunities for online social interaction with other students who love STEM
  • College & Career program provides numerous opportunities for growth including working with our certified school counselor to research and select careers, majors, and colleges to create a high school plan and timeline
  • Gamified portal to keep middle schoolers motivated and engaged in learning, while tracking progress, coming in 2024!


As an accredited online STEM middle school, you will have access to challenging and exciting online middle school courses at Dolphin STEM! Your online middle school courses will include Math, Science, English, History/Social Studies, and 1 Elective!  Early High School is available for advanced learners. Dolphin STEM’s gamified portal is designed to keep your online middle school students engaged and build an intrinsic love of learning.

Coursework Pacing:

Student supports include a built-in pacing calendar available in the curriculum for a structured daily schedule to meet your coursework goals, or you can choose the self-paced option! A FREE editable student planner is available to help manage your daily schedule.

Pricing and Payment:

Dolphin STEM’s online private middle school is one of the most affordable, quality options available at $3999!  Monthly payment plans are available as well as discounts for friends & family, full advance payment, and US military service members & veterans!