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STEM Week 3.9 – 3.14

Inspirational, creative, and fun!  Devel​​op your #STEMpassions

STEM Week Activities

March 9 – 14

Connect with your hive!  Virtually “meet” 3rd-12th grade homeschoolers with #STEMpassions and engage in collaborative, inquiry-based STEM synergy sessions in a safe online space. 
  • Mon-Fri 3.9 – 3.13: Math ‘Friendly’ Tournament Online
    • Students work independently and privately at home, then upload their answers–no stages, no crowds, no anxiety!
    • 5 questions per day over 4 days
      • Skills Practice
      • Applied “Real-life” Math Problems
      • Solutions and Answers Provided
      • Certificate awarded for Completion of all 20 math problems
  • Mon-Fri  3.9 – 3.13: STEM Activities Online
    • Interactive #STEMsynergy sessions
    • Age-appropriate activities and groups
    • Certificate of Completion awarded
    • #codingUnplugged
    • Engineering Design Challenge
    • Science Explorers: Watershed Investigation and Simulation
    • Techno Show
    • Code Combat game coding
    • Jokes, puzzles, sudoku, and riddles
    • Science Explorers: Research and Inquiry
    • Pi-Ku (haiku) Poetry
    • STEM Writing Prompt
    • Zoo Squad (animal inquiry)
    • STEM Photography
    • Giants of Science
    • Digital Citizenship and Online Safety
    • #STEMpreneurs Preview – Online youth business incubator and mentorship program for students with a great STEM solution to bring to market (for Co-op members only; students retain 100% ownership of their product/idea)
    • Pizza Pi and Pi Art using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator  (for Co-op members only)
    • Virtual Reality Games (for Co-op members only)
    • MORE activities will be added
  • Saturday 3.14: Pi Day Celebration
    • Certificate Awarded for completion of STEM Week activities
    • Prizes and giveaways during Pi Day Celebration
    • Participants interact with each other
    • Pi-Fitness Challenge
    • Pi-Ku (haiku) Poetry
    • Display of student work

Dolphin STEM Academy is on a mission to nurture and develop #STEMpassions

STEM Week is FREE!

Join us for the FREE Math Tournament, STEM Week, and Pi Day Celebration before slots are filled up!  Hurry and register today!

Find Your STEM Tribe 

& Be Inspired

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register?  Click here and complete the registration form. NOTE: for child safety, an identity verification is required either via phone call, zoom conference, or homeschool verification record.
  2. Where’s the location of the Math Tournament, STEM Week activities, and the Pi Day Celebration? Online!  You can easily access all the activities from your browser. We will hold our LIVE events either in our facebook group or another platform.  We’ll send more information to all families who confirm the registration and identity for safety.
  3. When is STEM Week? 3.9 – 3.14  (that’s March 9th – March 14th, 2020).
  4. How old do I have to be to participate?  STEM Week is for homeschoolers in 3rd – 12th grade, under the age of 18 years old.
  5. Is this REALLY a free event?  Y-E-S!!! As free as the Pythagorean theorem.  Or Euler’s formula.  You get my drift!
  6. How can this be FREE? Well, it’s not easy!  We are committed to proving STEM opportunities to homeschoolers online.  We can use your generous support through our t-shirt fundraiser! Purchase a t-shirt, coffee mug, or weekly planner to help defray the cost of our FREE events and activities.  We hope to raise enough from tshirt sales and donations to be able to give each student who completes the math tournament a special prize!  Please note that Dolphin STEM Academy is not a 501(c)3, so you will not receive a tax deductible receipt.
  7. How can I help? We appreciate your support!  Visit our shop and purchase a t-shirt, mug, weekly planner, and more for yourself, a homeschooler, a teacher, friend, colleague, neighbor, the guy at the convenience store, your dear Aunt Sally (ha! math jokes…get it, PEMDAS).  Alright, support our shop please!  And if you are a Math whiz or super-duper planner, Contact Us and volunteer to help make this event a success!
  8. How much time will STEM Week take to complete the activities? That depends on you and your homeschooler.  The Math tournament will use a platform to post the Math questions and answers (only 5 questions per day for 5 days!) and each participant works independently and privately at home.  Each of the STEM Activity modules are easy to login and find content to complete; most can be done within an hour.  Our live events such as the Pi Day celebration in our private Facebook group or another online platform.
  9. I have a different question that’s not listed here.  Awesome, Contact Us.
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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
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