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Use our FAQ to find the answer you are looking for.  Still have questions?  Just click on the chat button below to talk with us live or send an email and get a prompt response from us.

  • We don’t just say we support students–we really do!  We offer live homework sessions throughout the week, monthly STEM synergy sessions/live lessons, and feedback to your questions directly in the course content!  Academic advisors are here to help you design a personalized pathway for your STEM education.
  • We offer curriculum for grades 3rd – 12th.
  • Our key focus is college prep for STEM careers.  We provide a variety of opportunities to specialize in STEM fields through course content, practical experience, and certifications.  Students take the MAP growth assessment three times per year which provides a correlation to predicted ACT scores.  We also provide college entrance exam preparation in high school.
  • We LOVE STEM!  We help to develop passions in STEM fields and nurture the critical thinking skills that are required in STEM careers.

Homeschoolers who would like to use the online independent curriculum should simply complete the registration form and make the payment.  You will then schedule a conference call with our advisors to determine the courses for the student, and will receive login information within 3 business days of the conference call.

For our full-time online STEM school, we enroll students in 3rd -12th grades.  Each application is reviewed individually and an admission decision is made on a case-by-case basis.  To apply, the application form along with previous school records and a consent for records form must be submitted.  Admissions decisions are generally made within 3-5 business days.

Full-time students will enjoy the comfort of a very supportive environment.  Certified teachers will contact the student and parent/guardian for regular monthly checks.  A live homework session is available throughout the week at various times of the day.  The curriculum has several form so built-in support including a direct messenger to allow you to message the teacher directly on the page that you have a question about.  There is a dictionary tool to help define words, objectives and vocabulary to prepare you for the lesson, and sticky post-it notes on lesson pages to allow you to write notes which can be later accessed for studying or printing.  Videos, games, and quizzes also help to reinforce the lesson content.  For English language learners, there is also a translation tool to allow you to translate text in the courseware into your native language–over 20 languages are available!

Homeschool students can use the independent study curriculum at their own pace, and will have access to the curriculum for 1 year (365 days including date of purchase).

Full-time academy students will have access to the curriculum for 1 year, however teacher support is provided only from August to May.  Students are required to log 180 days of class time as per state regulations.

The full-time private school is for students who want to be registered with a private school and have the guidance and support of certified teachers and academic counselors.  Private school students receive support from our staff for the academic school year August through May, but are able to use the curriculum through July if necessary.  The curriculum is based on the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards; state specific standards can be also be used, just let your academic advisor know during your enrollment conference.  California students can also tailor their courses to California requirements for entry into the California public university system.

Independent study homeschoolers purchase the curriculum and use it independently as homeschool students.  Please discuss homeschool requirements with your local school district or state Department of Education.  We can tailor courses to state specific courses as needed.

Yes!  We are in the process of building our homeschool co-op network and are looking for trailblazer parents/guardians who are interested in helping to setup co-op activities.  If you are interested in joining the Homeschool Co-op or are interested in being an Ambassador in the Homeschool Co-op, please complete the form below.  Thank you!


Yes!  Dolphin STEM Academy is a full-time online private school registered with the state of Florida Department of Education.  The school’s code is 9342.  Dolphin STEM Academy is a virtual school and is therefore based online.

Dolphin STEM Academy is a virtual school and is therefore based online.  We do not have a physical school building, but mail is received at our office address in Tampa, FL.

We want you to have the best experience possible at Dolphin STEM Academy. To ensure that our online school is right for you, use the online demo to get a feel for the general education program. Remember, this is the main core curriculum, but there are many supplements available including foreign languages and specialized STEM programs that are not in the demo.

Application, enrollment, and registration fees are nonrefundable. Tuition and purchase fees are refundable on a pro-rata basis, however a written request for a refund must be emailed to refund@dolphinstemacademy.com within 10 calendar days of issuance of the student login/username details. Refund requests will not be accepted via phone, chat, mail, nor any other means except the required route of emailing refund@dolphinstemacademy.com  After the refund period ends, please note that full payment is required for transcripts and grade reports. Thank you for your understanding and adherence of our refund policy.

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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
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