Curriculum DEMO

Course Catalog


Grade levels:

Homeschoolers in 6th – 12th grade are welcome to register!

Online Homeschool Features:

  • Choose between DIY or Teacher-supported online homeschool with tutoring!
  • 24/7 online courses & STEM electives
  • Registration options include monthly, 5-months, or 10-months
  • Coursework grading available
  • You can omit any coursework and assign the final grade
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Optional screening assessment
  • Social interaction, STEM clubs, & activities
  • College & Career platform access
  • Family newsletter with homeschooling resources
  • Homeschool ID, report card, and transcript template
  • Gamified portal to keep homeschoolers motivated and engaged in learning, coming Fall 2024!

Curriculum Workload and Pacing

The online homeschool curriculum is comprehensive and includes academic courses (Math, Science, English, and History/Social Studies) and electives.  You can use the automatic built-in calendar which assigns due dates for coursework or use the self-pacing option.   The curriculum is fully online and available throughout the year!

Pricing and Payment:

Dolphin STEM Homeschool offers affordable monthly payment plans for as low as $99 per month with easy cancellation!  Save big when you pay in full upon registration!

Discounts include family & friends discount when they register together, military discount for active duty and retired US service member parents & grandparents, and payment in full discount. 

Registration Information:

Homeschool curriculum access options include month-to-month or 10-months (full-year/2 semesters).  Homeschoolers in 6th – 12th grade can sign-up today!