Curriculum DEMO

Course Catalog


Grade levels:

Elementary homeschoolers in 3rd – 5th grade are welcome to register!

Elementary Homeschool Features:

  • Elementary homeschoolers meet in a weekly live group meeting
  • Registration options include monthly, 5-months, or 10-months Access 
  • 24/7 online courses & STEM electives
  • Collaborative grading: we grade coursework, you grade homework
  • Option to omit/skip any coursework and assign the final grade
  • Weekly progress reports and parent portal
  • Social interaction, STEM clubs, & activities
  • Elementary College & Career platform access
  • Family newsletter with homeschooling resources
  • Homeschool ID, report card, and transcript template
  • Gamified portal to keep homeschoolers motivated and engaged in learning, coming Fall 2024!

Curriculum Length, Workload, and Pacing

You can choose how long you’d like to use the online curriculum: 5 months (half-year/1 semester) or 10 months (full-year/2 semesters). The elementary online homeschool curriculum is comprehensive and includes Math, Science, Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies, and 1 elective.  You can use the automatic built-in calendar which assigns due dates for coursework or use the self-pacing option.   The Elementary online homeschool curriculum is available throughout the year!

Pricing and Payment:

Dolphin STEM Elementary Homeschool offers affordable monthly payment plans for as low as $99 per month with easy cancellation!  Save big when you pay in full upon registration!

Discounts include family & friends discount when they register together, military discount for active duty and retired US service member parents & grandparents, and payment in full discount. 

Registration Information:

Homeschoolers in 3rd – 5th grade can sign-up today!