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Why Choose Dolphin STEM?

Stress-free course management 

Take full control with the parent-managed homeschool option.  Automatic assignments and grading make this DIY option simple and easy.  Need extra time to finish the course, or want to finish sooner?  No problem, adjust your end-date, and the assignment due dates will automatically change.


Need a co-pilot? Choose the teacher-supported homeschool option and enjoy access to a teacher and learning support specialist for live online study hall, scheduled tutoring, and online collaborative activities such as live science labs and online clubs with other homeschoolers!  We’ll keep track of grades and send you progress reports.

Interactive and engaging courses

Great content + interactive platform = homeschooling success!  Our curriculum engages with a mix of videos, games, readings, and assessments.  Students in the teacher-supported homeschool can join collaborative activities with other homeschoolers such as our online STEM clubs!  

The curriculum platform can be accessed from a variety of digital devices.  

The STEM Portal adds an extra benefit of fun resources such as 

Scholastic’s Science Spin, Mystery Science, Coding, e-library, and more!

Support when you need it most

A dedicated support team of certified teachers, professional tutors, and homeschooling families at your fingertips!  Join our homeschooling co-op and participate in parent trainings, get tips to improve your child’s confidence and academic progress, and learn more about college and career options.

Make Your Choice:

Choose Your Curriculum 

  • DIY 6th – 12th Pre-University Curriculum (PreU) – A comprehensive curriculum with Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies/History.  Honors and Advanced courses are available as well as SAT/ACT test prep.  Hundreds of electives ranging from Graphic Design to World Languages are waiting for you!
  • K-12th Teacher-supported Homeschool –  An individualized curriculum designed based on your learning needs. Enroll in the full academic core–Math, Science, Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies/History.  Teacher support is just an email away!

You can register for

  • Individual courses, or
  • DIY Homeschool bundle, or
  • Teacher-supported Homeschool package

STEM Portal

The STEM Portal is included in all bundles.  Enjoy these features:

  • Mystery Science Curriculum
  • Scholastic Science Flix
  • eLibrary
  • Coding
  • Social Studies/History resources
  • And more!

Choose Your Enrollment

DIY Homeschool for 6th-12th Grade  – Purchase the curriculum and manage your homeschool independently.  Enrollment options:

  • Individual courses
  • 6th-12th Grade PreU Curriculum DIY Bundle

Teacher-supported Homeschool for K-12th Grade – Purchase the curriculum and manage your homeschool, and get learning support from a teacher from September to April.  Enrollment options:

  • Individual courses
  • K-12th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Package

Umbrella Private School – Get the course bundle you want PLUS all the great features of enrolling in our umbrella private school:

  • Online curriculum (if purchased)
  • STEM Portal, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more resources for private school student use
  • Official private school enrollment 
  • Attendance and Portfolio Record-keeping
  • Student ID card
  • Optional testing and assessments

K-12th Grade Online Private School – Get the assurance of academic support from a certified teacher and learning coach along with all the benefits of private school enrollment.  

  • Live teacher support and tutoring
  • Class access available 24/7
  • Achievement testing and assessments
  • Full resources and online library

Don’t Hesitate, Get Started With Dolphin STEM today!

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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Dolphin STEM Academy
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