Computer Science and Coding Club

Learn 21st century skills and tech capabilities to propel your future career!

Let’s face it–computers and coding aren’t going anywhere, so get a jumpstart today!

The first Coding Club meeting is this Thursday October 17th at 5pmEST/2pmPST.  Register today to get your online login invite!

Quick Start Guide:

1) Register using the link below
2) Login to CS First and try out your first mission

Coding Club Overview

Learn coding and computer science skills from our STEM Coordinator, Chad LeDune.

Welcome to Dolphin STEM Academy’s Coding Club!  My name is Chad LeDune, and I am excited to be working with you and introducing you to the world of coding! This club will consist of several different coding platforms and languages.  Each challenge will consist of you being presented with coding “lessons” followed by group online meetings to talk about what you did and what you learned.

Our initial lessons are based on Google’s CS First coding program and uses a platform called Scratch.  Scratch is a graphical programming language developed at MIT! Student coders can drag and combine code blocks to make a range of programs, including animations, stories, musical instruments and games. It’s almost like the programming equivalent of LEGO!  The programs can vary for students in elementary, middle, and high school to fit their learning needs.

Even students with no coding experience can enjoy the lessons we have set up through CS First, so register today!

Chad LeDune

Ready to code with me?

The coding club is open to 4th-12th grade homeschoolers and meets online once per month–every third Thursday of the month at 5pmEST.  Students work on their lessons independently throughout the month.

Get started here:

  1. First, register for the Dolphin STEM Coding Club for FREE!  Once you register, you will receive an email link for our first online meeting which will be held this Thursday at 5pmEST.
  2. Next, go to g.co/CSFirst

  3. Then click “Sign in” in the top right

  4. Next, click “I am a student”

  5. Then click “Enter class code”

  6. Enter the class code you received in your registration confirmation email

  7. From here, create a CS First account or use an existing one.

We have arranged a set of 4 lessons from which you can choose.  The first three of these are introductory lessons which will take no prior knowledge or experience.  The final one will make you commit a bit more time.  Challenge yourself to complete one or all 4 of them and we will meet on Thursday to talk about the process, successes, and challenges.  Happy coding!

Here is a short video introduction to one of your lessons and Google’s CS First;

Introduction to High Seas Adventure and CS First.

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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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