Making waves in STEM

STEM Clubs

Are you looking for interactive, fun, and creative STEM clubs for homeschoolers?  Dolphin STEM Academy offers online clubs for homeschoolers!  Meet online with like-minded homeschoolers with #STEMpassions!   Register your interest to participate in STEM clubs.


  • Ocean Guardian School Project – Dolphin STEM Academy is proud to be a NOAA Ocean Guardian School for the 2018-19 school year!  Learn more about Marine Biology and conservation, and help spread the word about #ZeroWaste!  Note: This club can be selected stand-alone for FREE!
  • Navigators USA – Scouting for all homeschoolers with DSA Chapter #241!  The mission of Navigators USA is to help children and their parents spend more time outdoors, getting to know what nature has to offer while getting to know each other. By using unstructured play with curriculum, we promote interpersonal skills along with achievement.  Learn more about Navigators USA
  • Minecraft – Join the fun at GamEdAcademy for a discounted rate through DSA!  Play Minecraft on their safe whitelisted servers!  Choose from Science, History, or server-only play!
  • Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials – Watch video tutorials and meet online with an Adobe Guide and fellow students to learn tricks and tools of the trade!  A student Adobe CC access account is available with DSA co-op membership)
  • Mango Languages – Choose from over 70 world languages and begin your foreign language studies today!  Enjoy unlimited access to Mango Languages online self-paced language courses.

*Note: Club meetings are online and will be scheduled according to the availability of students.

Ocean Guardian School Project

Join homeschoolers with #STEMpassions to help save our environment and marine life! Participate in our zero-waste efforts through our Ocean Guardian School project in conjunction with the NOAA.  Our homeschool student leaders will organize events such as community beach clean-ups and zero waste pledges! Learn more about marine biology and be a part of the movement to save our oceans!

Navigators USA

Take scouting to another level–online with Dolphin STEM! Participate in online meetings then go out in nature to complete badge requirements for Navigators USA – Dolphin STEM Chapter #241!  This online group is open to homeschoolers in 2nd – 12th grades!  We will work on projects such as purifying water, analyzing hypothermia, outdoor methods for cooking food, and more fun life skills!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn more about the many programs in Adobe Creative Cloud. Use the online tutorials and get help from our Adobe Guides to release your creative spirit and imagination.  Need access to Adobe CC?  Simply join our Homeschool Co-op and get FREE student access!


Login to a private, whitelisted server and enjoy playing Minecraft with other homeschoolers in a safe environment. Play for fun or choose to participate in History or Science lessons to make it more interesting!  We are partnering with GamEdAcademy to bring you the ultimate experience!

Interested in learning Spanish or Mandarin? Join our foreign language club and get access to Mango Languages online plus instruction from a native speaker!

Language Add-on: SPANISH
Language Add-on: MANDARIN

If you have any questions about our STEM clubs, or if you would like to suggest topics for future clubs, please use the form below to contact us.