Native American Studies: Contemporary Perspectives

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Course Overview

This course examines the social, economic, religious, and political issues that Native Americans
face in today’s world. It looks at a number of Native American professionals and their efforts to
eradicate the negative stereotypes that still surround Native American cultures. The course also
sheds light on the important contributions that Native Americans have made to art and
spirituality. And it demonstrates how both Native American traditions and the fight for Native
American civil rights have shaped the history and social fabric of the United States.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following:
Compare and contrast paradigms regarding attitudes toward the environment and use of resources in the US.
Describe some of the unifying characteristics of Native American spirituality.
Explain the American Indian Religious Freedom Act.
Identify stages of Native American language use and decline.
Identify and define symbols of Native American health.
List differences in health care statistics between Native Americans and the general population.
Make connections between tribal and federal health policies and health care provisions for Indian people.
Identify modern social and economic issues facing Native Americans.
Describe several art forms that exemplify functional aspects of Native American art.
Explain the negative effects of stereotyping.
Associate the names of several Native American professionals with their accomplishments.
Identify historical examples of the pow wow and elements of the modern pow wow.
Define and differentiate the terms indigenous, minority, nation, and state.