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AP Biology Test Prep

You get it all:

Math & Science Refresher + Online test prep course

+ Tutoring  +  Virtual and live labs


 6-month Intensive Prep  or  3-month Crash Course

AP Biology Test Prep

Give yourself the best chance for success on the AP Biology test!

  • Weekly live sessions with your teacher/tutor
  • Virtual labs, online collaborative labs, and independent labs on your own
  • Master advanced biology concepts and apply key information to real life
  • Learn the tips and tricks for top scores
  • Fully prepare for the exam with months of rigorous coursework in the 6-month Intensive Prep course, available from November to April–register anytime. Get a pre-course refresher on Science and Math concepts during the month of August. Start when you are ready with our rolling course admissions!
  • Too busy?  Choose the Crash Course option which begins on February 3 and ends on April 30.
  • Heidi, the lead teacher for this course, has taught AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics for several years.  Heidi is a veteran teacher and has helped her students to excel on the AP exam.
  • Sri, the AP tutor for this course, is an experienced professional tutor.
  • This course is a self-study test prep course, and does not confer high school nor college credit.
  • Please note: Dolphin STEM Academy is not affiliated with the College Board. Students must register and pay for exams independently.

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Course Syllabus

Get a strong foundation to master challenging concepts and skills in Biology and ace the AP exam!  AP Biology is structured around four Big Ideas (Evolution, Energy Processes, Information, and Interactions) which encompass the core scientific principles, theories, and processes governing living organisms and biological systems. At least one of the Big Ideas will be incorporated in every lesson throughout this self-study test prep course.

Review our course syllabus for information on the

scope and sequence, labs, and test prep.


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Course Fees

Save big with our online test prep course!  Tuition and fees are affordable, and a 0% interest monthly payment plan is available:

  • The $75 course registration fee includes your online textbook, you can study wherever you go!
  • The 6-month Intensive Prep program cost $999 plus registration fee.
  • The 3-month Crash Course program cost $599 plus registration fee.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: A monthly payment plan is available for the course tuition fee.  Simply pay your one-time $75 course registration fee and request the installment plan to get your first invoice; however, the registration and first payment must be paid before you will be enrolled.  *Please note: the registration fee and lab kit are separate from the program fee. 
  • The AP Biology lab kit and manual must be purchased directly from Quality Science Labs.  Check their website for cost and availability to make your lab kit purchase. Although the lab kit is optional, it is highly recommended in order to gain a full understanding of biological processes.
  • Please note that course credit from Dolphin STEM Academy is not available for this test prep course. Dolphin STEM Academy is not affiliated with the College Board.
  • Registration for the actual College Board AP exam is not included. Students are responsible for independently registering and taking the College Board exam.

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Meet your instructors


Heidi Lindstrom
Certified Science Teacher

  • M.S. Curriculum and Leadership
  • B.S. Chemistry with a Minor in Biology, Minor in Physics
  • B.S. Medical Technology
  • Highly Qualified Secondary Teaching Certificate in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Fish and Wildlife Management Certification

Heidi has taught science courses for 20 years.  She has taught a range of courses including AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics.  She currently teaches for John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

“My goal as a teacher of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics is to provide my students with an inquiry-based and stimulating approach to the science curriculum.  I teach by guiding my students through engaging science activities while helping them become better learners through student-owned strategies in reading, writing, talking, and listening.”

Professional Headshot

Sai Sri Kondabatulla
Math and Science Learning Support

  • B.S. Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Minor in Chemistry
  • Minor in Biology

Sri recently graduated with “High Research Distinction” and an Honors concentration in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  His college experience included research in a RNA lab, serving as the Treasurer for the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and member of the MCB leaders.

“Using my prior tutoring experience and background as a molecular and cellular biology major,  I will utilize all the available resources I have to help my students understand complex concepts, solve practice problems on these concepts, and ace their exams!”

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