Our History

Founded in 2018, Dolphin STEM Academy provides a comprehensive, challenging curriculum for students across the globe. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and analytical skills, yet the curriculum is tailored to meet individual student learning needs. 

Our firm commitment to meeting student learning needs is evident in our individually tailored program. To maximize each student’s success, we develop a learning plan that enriches their academic growth and development. This commitment allows us to personalize each student’s learning experience to match their needs.

Dolphin STEM students are well supported by our enthusiastic highly skilled team of certified teachers and learning support specialists. The atmosphere of trust, guidance, and inspiration encourages students to reach for the stars and beyond. Whether learning online or in-person, we foster values of community, mutual respect, and innovation in our learners. We value inclusion, diversity, and students across the learning spectrum. Students participate in various learning opportunities such as clubs, STEM Camp, Pi-Thon Math Tournament, STEM Week, and more! We look forward to working with you!

Inspiring passions in STEM

Our Mission

To empower students to reach their potential by developing their passions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Our Vision

Our vision is a strong globally-minded community of families and educators who work collaboratively to promote innovative STEM education for all

Who We Are

Scientists. Technologists. Engineers. Mathematicians.  We are strong, knowledgeable, creative, inquisitive, determined, analytical, reflective, confident, accountable, resilient, independent, capable, universal, and passionate.  We are risk-takers, critical thinkers, decision makers, and collaborators—we are STEM.