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Kids with #STEMpassion + Innovation + Entrepreneurship = Kid #STEMpreneur! Join us as we help blaze the trail for our youth!

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Our faculty consists of certified teachers, administrators, and tutors who provide live homework help and live sessions to support you!

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Take a peek at what Dolphin STEM Academy has to offer! View our general education curriculum and system of built-in student support.


To empower students to reach their potential by developing their passions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


To prepare you for the challenges a STEM education and career presents, we provide additional teacher support in math to ensure a strong foundation.


Take the leap into digital imaging like a pro! Experience online science labs and simulations just like hi-tech scientists!


Experience digitally advanced student supports in our online courses: dictionary tool, a "read to me" feature, translation, a teacher messenger embedded in each course page--ask a question on the exact page of your course work, and more!


Customize your educational experience. Interested in getting certification, college credits, or an internship? We can assist you with crafting a program that's right for you!


The learning portal is accessible 24/7--login to class whenever you want to! Accelerate or slow-down the pacing of your learning according to your schedule.

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