STEM for Students Across the Globe

Consider becoming an international student at Dolphin STEM Academy.

International students are fully supported at Dolphin STEM Academy with a program for non-native English speakers including EAL classes, academic vocabulary training, IELTS tutoring, and ACT practice!   We provide everything you need to graduate with a U.S. high school diploma to get accepted into a premier U.S. college or university.

  • Are you interested in a career in STEM?  
  • Would you like to interact with other STEM students around the world?  
  • Do you need additional support in mastering English?  
  • Do you want to receive a US education and diploma?
  • Are you a highly motivated and dedicated learner?

If you answered yes, then our program could be perfect for you.

College Preparation and Student Life

Many international students choose Dolphin STEM Academy to build a strong STEM foundation as preparation to attend a US college or university.   We work with you to help you towards your goal.  Our specialized English language program for international students will help build your academic vocabulary and English language skills to help you master the IELTS and ACT exams.  Guidance and career counselors assist you with all of the necessary procedures to prepare for and apply to US colleges and universities.

We go beyond coursework, too.  As an international student at Dolphin STEM Academy, you will have the opportunity to interact with other students across the world.  Join our STEM clubs, collaborate on global community improvement projects, participate in STEM competitions–there’s a variety of social interaction and engagement for you to choose from.  Talk to one of our counselors today to get started.

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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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