This year, Dolphin STEM Academy introduced the very first online Navigators USA club!  We were thrilled with the challenges ahead, the first of which was how to manage a scouting club online.  We relied heavily on students and parents to go back and complete 
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Consider becoming an international student at Dolphin STEM Academy. International students are fully supported at Dolphin STEM Academy with a program for non-native English speakers including EAL classes, academic vocabulary training, IELTS tutoring, and ACT practice!   We provide everything you need to graduate with 
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Tired of Robotics and Coding classes as a STEM program? At Dolphin STEM Academy, we take STEM seriously.  STEM goes beyond robotics and coding programs.  Our students have passions for health and medical fields, digital media, sustainable engineering, animation, programming, graphic design, marine biology and 
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STEM is more than just the subjects the acronym represents. STEM is about inquiry, critical thinking, exploration, and discovery.  These facets of learning are essential in any STEM subject and help to drive a thirst for understanding, creativity, and problem solving.  You can nurture your 
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My daughter's work is completely tailored to her needs and pace.
My daughter’s work is completely tailored to her needs and pace.

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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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