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Online US Homeschool for International Students in 3rd - 12th Grade

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Easy built-in student instructional supports!

  • Each lesson is introduced with the learning objective, brief overview, key vocabulary, and introductory video.
  • Direct instruction videos – detailed step by step guidance and instruction for each lesson
  • Vocabulary and reference feature – definitions, correct pronunciation, and background information to help build academic vocabulary; vocabulary games are available too!
  • Translation tool – select a word or phrase to translate into over 20 languages!  Audio support is available to hear the translation for most languages.
  • Text to speech audio support – choose from 6 voice readers to hear the lesson, and follow along as the words being read are highlighted
  • Teacher and student note taking feature within the online curriculum – students can annotate their work by taking notes in the lesson using color coded “sticky notes” for quick review; teachers/parents can also add sticky notes in the lessons and print them for later use
  • Messaging capability – students and teachers/parents can message each other directly in a lesson to ask questions or provide support directly within the curriculum; for example, “I don’t know how to get the answer for this math question, can you help me setup the problem please?”
  • Video transcript – transcripts of embedded videos are available and can be used with the translation tool!

Comprehensive Curriculum

Translation of Curriculum

STEM Learning Portal

Self-paced curriculum available 24/7

Over 100 online homeschool courses

Customizable content - you choose the lessons and assessments you use

Individualized learning - mix and match grade levels of courses to fit your child's ability

Set pass thresholds and grading weights

Automatic grading and teacher answer key

Extensive breadth of course content

Evidence-based instructional approach

Easy reporting

Course Listing

Our general education courses provide a solid foundation for STEM fields. We provide extra support for Math and Science courses. Find out more about our general education courses.


Not a Florida resident?  No problem! We provide homeschool options for students throughout the US and internationally!

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Homeschool Curriculum Benefits

Our curriculum comes with a built-in translation tool! You can translate words and sentences in the curriculum to over 20 languages including Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, and more! Bahasa Malay and Cantonese coming soon!

We've created a STEM Learning Portal to provide you access to additional apps, libraries, activities, and services to enhance learning. Basic and Premium editions of the portal are available dependent on purchase. STEM Learning Portal is coming soon!

The online homeschool curriculum is available 24/7. Assignments are automatically scheduled according to your homeschool year start and end dates. Rescheduling is available too!

Choose from over 100 online homeschool courses! Academic core subjects include Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and History. Electives are vast and include languages, STEM, career and technical education, economics, PE, health, agriculture and food safety, and more!

Easy customization - with the touch of a button, you can skip a lesson, quiz, test, or assessment question! Feel free to skip an entire unit if it doesn't match your homeschooling needs!

Individualized learning - You know your child's academic ability best, and now you have the freedom and ability to assign separate grade levels for each academic core courses based on ability instead of age! Assign the grade level for Math, Reading/Language Arts, Science, History/Social Studies based on your child's academic ability.

Grading weights are set by the parent/home learning coach. You determine the weight for lessons, projects, quizzes, and tests out of 100 as you determine best fits your child's learning style. You also determine the pass threshold for lessons and assessments--set it at your discretion! The number of attempts your child has for lessons and assessments are up to you--do you want to allow 1, 2, or 3 attempts? Most questions are automatically graded by the online system, but you can adjust the grading to reflect your child's mastery of the lesson or assessment! Our friendly and knowledgable curriculum specialists can help advise you during your online orientation to the program.

The online homeschool curriculum system automatically grades most lessons and assessments. Questions that require a written response are graded by the parent/home learning coach, and an answer key is provided in the system. Students who purchase the teacher-supported package will have grading and tutoring from a teacher.

Challenging and insightful courses await you! The course content is very extensive in each subject area, and provides a vast wealth of information along with assessments to check understanding. The course content reads like a textbook and also includes videos and multimedia presentations to enhance learning.

Our online homeschool curriculum is designed with standards-aligned lessons using the Understanding by Design framework. Learning outcomes are defined by standards-aligned learning objectives, and the lessons are presented in small learning units with clearly defined objectives. Student knowledge and progress is measured using formative and summative assessments; students receive immediate feedback on their assessments and are motivated to continue down the learning path.

All assignments, grades, and dates are clearly found in the dashboard and can be printed for your homeschool portfolio or state/district reporting requirements.

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4 Affordable Homeschool Options!

Purchase individual courses for $99 each

Purchase a Math End-of-course test for $99 each

Enroll in the DIY Online Homeschool Package for $499

Enroll in the Teacher-supported Online Homeschool Package for $1499

Personalized Online Curriculum!

Highlights of our homeschool curriculum:

  • Choose the grade level that is right for YOU!  Feel free to mix and match!  Do you want 6th grade Math, 7th grade Science, 8th Grade Language Arts, 7th grade History, and a Coding elective?  No problem–you choose your courses, grade levels, and electives!
  • Self-paced — don’t rush, work at your own pace.  Access the courseware anytime 24/7 online!
  • Automatic grading for most assignments is included.  The parent/home learning coach grades just the written responses using the answer key and rubrics which are provided!
  • Easy Reporting!  All assignments, grades, and dates are clearly found in the dashboard and can be printed for your homeschool portfolio.
  • Loads of Courses to choose from!  Do you need to enroll in an End of Course test?  Or are you interested in a STEM elective, Health/Medical course, Programming/Coding elective, etc?  We have a wide variety of courses to choose from!
  • STEM Learning Portal–Coming Soon! This summer, we will launch our STEM Learning Portal for our enrolled homeschool and private school students! Students will access apps, programs, and activities to enhance their learning!
  • Do you need just 1 course or a full curriculum?  Single courses are only $99 each, the full curriculum package is only $499, and the teacher supported curriculum package is only $1499!  0% interest monthly payment plans and an easy cancellation policy make this a great choice!


Dolphin STEM Academy’s homeschool curriculum is your affordable solution for personalized 3rd-12th grade online independent study.

Customize your child’s learning according to learning needs–not age!  Assign courses based on mastery level!  Parents can choose to select individual courses at levels lower or higher than the child’s age-grade level.  For example, if your child’s age-grade level is 5th grade, but your child has mastered 5th grade math already, you may choose the 6th grade math course and choose 5th grade for Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  Note: course levels can be changed twice within the first 30 days of purchase only.



The general education online curriculum includes built-in student support.  Essential questions, learning objectives, and key vocabulary introduce the lesson to guide student learning.  For auditory learners, a key support is the ability to highlight text and listen to it being read aloud instantly.  For non-native English speakers, the text can be highlighted and translated into over 20 languages.  A dictionary feature allows students to lookup a word without leaving the lesson page!  Write and save notes on the lesson page, and highlight key facts to personalize your learning!  Need help from a certified teacher?  Access our paid tutoring services as needed!



Assessments are instantly graded by the system for immediate feedback.  As a mastery-based program, students are allowed 3 opportunities to re-take most assessments to show their level of understanding.  Parents/home learning coaches can log into the parent portal and access grades, work behavior such as time on task vs time logged in, and more.

Request a FREE DEMO of our online curriculum today!

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Course Listing

Want to know more about our curriculum?  We go beyond and offer an invigorating selection of courses.  Go global and become conversant in any of 70+ foreign languages!  Consider choosing one of the popular 5 world languages: Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, Modern Standard Arabic, and French.  Join our Homeschool Co-op and participate in our #STEMsynergy sessions–learn how to master Adobe Creative Cloud!  There’s always something new!

Our general education courses provide a solid foundation for STEM fields. We provide extra support for Math and Science courses. Find out more about our general education courses.


Not a Florida resident?  No problem! We are able to tailor your course selections to your state standards or the Common Core!


Looking for a full curriculum, or just one course?  Find it here! 

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“Absolutely wonderful”

My daughter's work is completely tailored to her needs and pace.
My daughter’s work is completely tailored to her needs and pace.

We are so glad!

This is our 1st year homeschooling and we are so glad that we chose Dolphin STEM Academy

Erin, mom of a 5th grader


Erin, mom of a 5th grader

This is our 1st year homeschooling and we are so glad that we chose Dolphin STEM Academy

Dolphin STEM

Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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Full-time online private school and independent study homeschool
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