Personalized 3rd - 12th Grade Online
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Highlights of our homeschool curriculum:

  • Choose the grade level that is right for YOUR child!  Feel free to mix and match!  Do you want 6th grade Math, 7th grade Science, 8th Grade Language Arts, 7th grade History, and a Coding elective?  No problem–you choose your courses, grade levels, and electives!
  • Self-paced — don’t rush, work at your own pace.  Access the courseware anytime 24/7 online!
  • Automatic grading for most assignments.  Only grade written responses and assignments.
  • Easy Reporting!  All assignments, grades, and dates are clearly found in the dashboard and can be printed for your homeschool portfolio.


Dolphin STEM Academy’s homeschool curriculum is your affordable solution for personalized 3rd-12th grade online independent study. In the homeschool portal, you can access the curriculum suite which includes a flexible, intuitive, and engaging general education curriculum, Adobe Creative Cloud student edition, an online language program, NWEA MAP testing (optional), and access to STEM educational materials.


Customize your child’s learning according to learning needs–not age!  Assign courses based on mastery level!  Parents can choose to select individual courses at levels lower or higher than the child’s age-grade level.  For example, if your child’s age-grade level is 5th grade, but your child has mastered 5th grade math already, you may choose the 6th grade math course and choose 5th grade for Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  Note: course levels can be changed twice within the first 30 days of purchase only.



The general education online curriculum includes built-in student support.  Essential questions, learning objectives, and key vocabulary introduce the lesson to guide student learning.  For auditory learners, a key support is the ability to highlight text and listen to it being read aloud instantly.  For non-native English speakers, the text can be highlighted and translated into over 20 languages.  A dictionary feature allows students to lookup a word without leaving the lesson page!  Write and save notes on the lesson page, and highlight key facts to personalize your learning!  Need help from a certified teacher?  Access our paid tutoring services as needed!



Assessments are instantly graded by the system for immediate feedback.  As a mastery-based program, students are allowed 3 opportunities to re-take most assessments to show their level of understanding.  Parents and at-home learning coaches can log into the parent portal and access grades, work behavior such as time on task vs time logged in, and more.

Additional Educational Components


Additional educational components add another layer of interest and challenged for homeschool students.  For deeper understanding of student’s learning needs, the NWEA Map assessment is available (optional).  A certified teacher will analyze the assessment results and prepare a report for the parent/guardian.  The report will help you to determine what are the strengths and challenges of your homeschooler.



Want to connect with #STEMhomeschool students?  Join our hive of homeschool parents, students, and educators in our homeschool co-op, Dolphin STEM Co-op.  For a limited time, co-op membership is included FREE with the purchase of the homeschool curriculum!  Enjoy the co-op perks including exclusive access to our member-only events, private fb group, and homeschool #STEMsynergy sessions!  Don’t miss our online summer #STEMcamp with collaborative and interactive sessions this July!



Purchase of the Dolphin STEM Academy Online Independent Study Curriculum full package includes:

  • 6 courses from our course listing of your choosing, at the grade level of your choosing.  You will have a web/phone conference with an academic advisor to help you select courses.  Note: course levels can be changed twice within the first 30 days of purchase only.
  • 1 year of Adobe Creative Cloud student user access.
  • Access to a suite of over 70+ foreign language courses.
  • NWEA MAP online testing with results analyzed and reported by a certified teacher.
  • Additional access to STEM academic materials.
  • Dolphin STEM Academy Homeschool Co-op membership.

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Course Listing

Want to know more about our curriculum?  We go beyond and offer an invigorating selection of courses.  Go global and become conversant in any of 70+ foreign languages!  Consider choosing one of the popular 5 world languages: Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, Modern Standard Arabic, and French.  Join our Homeschool Co-op and participate in our #STEMsynergy sessions–learn how to master Adobe Creative Cloud!  There’s always something new!

Our general education courses provide a solid foundation for STEM fields. We provide extra support for Math and Science courses. Find out more about our general education courses.


Not a Florida resident?  No problem! We are able to tailor your course selections to your state standards or the Common Core!


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Looking for a full curriculum package, or just one piece of the package?  Find it here! 

Affordable Homeschool Curriculum

Dolphin STEM Academy’s goal is to provide affordable STEM education to homeschoolers.  We bring you quality service at unbeatable prices.  Choose from the full curriculum package or standalone services.

Full Online Curriculum Package:

  • Online Independent Study Homeschool Curriculum – Full Package for only $399  INCLUDES ALL COMPONENTS: 
    • Online general education curriculum — you choose your courses and grade levels for each course, feel free to mix and match grade levels!  Each course includes automatic grading and some written responses in which you can grade.  Choose from electives, Math, Reading/Language Arts, Science, History/Social Studies, Foreign Languages, and more!
    • Mango foreign languages – Access to over 70 world languages, build conversational language skills today!
    • Achievement and growth testing in Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Science using NWEA’s MAP Growth assessment online!

Or choose from our Individual Services:

  • Online Independent Study Homeschool Curriculum – General Education Curriculum Onlyyou choose your courses and grade levels for each course, feel free to mix and match grade levels!  Each course includes automatic grading and some written responses in which you can grade.  Choose from electives, Math, Science, Reading/Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Foreign Languages, and more for only $299!  Flexible payment plans available!
  • NWEA MAP assessment with thorough analysis and report by a certified teacher for only $75 for one testing window, or $125 for 2 testing windows per school year (Fall, Spring, and Summer of the current school year)
  • Online foreign language independent study costs $60 for unlimited foreign language study now through August 2019
  • Homeschool Co-op membership includes Adobe CC student user costs only $35 for one year
  • Homeschool Portfolio Review is available, please email us at info@dolphinstemacademy.com for more info.

Once your payment is received for the full package or general education curriculum only, you will receive an email to schedule an advising conference via the phone or web to determine the grade level assignments, courses, and student needs.  After the advising conference, you will receive an email with login information and course selections.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or tech issues.  Register for the online independent study program today!


We offer discounts and flexible payments for your personalized learning experience!

Special Discounts:

  1. Siblings receive $25 off the homeschool independent study full curriculum package (discount does not apply to the first purchase).  Proof of relation is required before purchase; discount will not be applied retroactively.
  2. Active duty, national guard, and reserve parents can receive $25 off the homeschool independent study full curriculum package.  Military ID and proof of relation are required before purchase; discount will not be applied retroactively.

Take advantage of our easy payment options:

  1. Pay in full using a major credit card or Paypal, or
  2. Apply for Paypal credit with 0% interest over 6 months–just use our Paypal payment link to apply, or
  3. Email us to setup an installment payment plan info@dolphinstemacademy.com
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Please note that partial refunds are available on a pro-rata basis for accounts that email financial@dolphinstemacademy.com within 10 business days of purchase.  A minimum fee of $100 will be deducted from the purchased amount for the online curriculum.  Minimum fees for other stand-alone components are set.
Foreign Language

Over 20 foreign language courses are available to choose from!

Parental Controls

Easily monitor grades, workload, time spent on task, and more.

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Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
Inspiring passions in STEM.  Educating a new generation.
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