Personalized Homeschool Tests

Get accurate achievement and growth testing data to help guide your homeschool curriculum decisions. We offer affordable online testing for 2nd – 12th Grade in:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Science
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Test at home

Enjoy the freedom and ease of testing your child at home! There's no need to go to a testing center or school. No more nervousness and anxiety, relax and test comfortably at home!


Our tests are relaxed and stress-free. There's no time limit, so feel at ease to request a break or have a little bit of downtime before continuing the test.

Online testing

MAP testing can easily be accessed using an iPad, Chromebook, Windows PC, or Mac PC. Some students may feel comfortable using headphones to hear the questions clearly.

Achievement and Growth Tests as Unique as Your Child!


Looking for an accurate assessment of your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses so that you can support your child’s academic growth?  Choose online testing in the comfort of your own home using the trusted NWEA MAP Growth assessment!

MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test — the test questions adapt to your child’s answers, so every single test is unique!  As your child answers correctly, the questions become more challenging, and as your child answers incorrectly, the questions become easier!  This adaptive testing helps to accurately pinpoint your child’s academic areas of strengths and areas for development!

The results from the tests are amazing!  Your child will take the following tests: Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts for 2nd – 12th Grade.  You will receive a report detailing your child’s achievement score; the Reading Lexile score; detailed information on their learning next steps; and correlated ACT/SAT predicted scores based on the MAP Growth results!

Coming soon – Intervention and Remediation Support!

Do you need help to support your struggling learner? Let us help you discover skills gap and provide remediation support! We can help you use your MAP Growth data to provide intervention through online targeted remediation support.  It’s quick, automated, and easy to accomplish!  More info coming soon!

Online Achievement Tests for Homeschoolers!

Now you can get achievement testing through the MAP Growth tests in all 4  subject areas — Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts for only $75!  You can schedule your MAP Growth assessment during our 2018-19 testing windows, here’s how:

  • Choose 1 testing window (Fall, Winter, or Spring).  Register and pay $75 for one testing session which includes testing of all 4 subject areas — Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Science.
    • Fall:  August 1 – November 30
    • Winter:  December 1 – February 28
    • Spring:  March 1 – June 15
  • You can schedule your testing sessions across 2 to 4 days so your child doesn’t have to rush through testing.  To accommodate all time zones, testing sessions are scheduled Monday – Thursday mornings 8am -12noon EST and afternoons 5pm – 9pm EST.


Do you want additional tests in the same academic school year to track your child’s progress and growth?  No problem, just add $50 for each additional testing session in one of the later testing windows of the school year.   For example, if you want to test in both the Fall and Spring sessions, you will register for both and pay $125.


Note: Each MAP Growth testing session includes the 4 subjects — Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts.  Only one testing session per testing window permitted.


Testing Frequently Asked Questions

What does the NWEA MAP Growth test measure?

MAP Growth helps to determine what the student knows, is ready to learn next, and tracks individual student progress over time.  This can help to make better curriculum decisions for homeschooling families.  Tests are available in Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Science.

Scores can be correlated to the SAT or ACT test to determine if the student is on track for college admissions.  The student’s Reading test will produce a Lexile score to determine the student’s reading ability.

You can choose to test using Florida standards or Common Core State Standards for most of the available tests.  MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test—which means every student gets an individualized set of test questions based on responses to previous questions. If the student answers a question correctly, the next question is harder. If the student answers a question incorrectly, the next question is easier.

What type of questions will be on the tests?

The tests include multiple choice, drag and drop, and similar types of questions.  Take a look at a few sample tests.  Remember that the MAP test is a computer adaptive test, which means that every test is unique to the individual test taker.  The test adapts to every right answer by making the next question harder, and adapts to every wrong answer by making the next question easier.  This helps to accurately identify student strengths and weaknesses in academic areas.

How long does each test take?

Students usually finish each test within 60 – 90 minutes.  Tests can be scheduled to be taken over 2, 3, or 4 days, Monday through Thursday mornings or late afternoon/evenings.

When can I take the MAP tests?

The MAP tests are scheduled during our testing windows.  You can schedule one testing session per testing window (below).  Each testing session includes all 4 subject areas — Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts!

  • Fall:  August 1 – November 30
  • Winter:  December 1 – February 28
  • Spring:  March 1 – June 15

To accommodate all time zones, testing sessions are scheduled Monday – Thursday mornings 8am -12noon EST and afternoons 5pm – 9pm EST.

Where do I take the MAP test?

Take the MAP tests in the comfort of your home or anywhere with a reliable internet connection and download speed of at least 3mbp.  We do not require the use of testing centers or schools for the assessments.  Once you have registered and finalized payment, you will receive instructions to login to the testing website.

How often can I test? What are the costs?

Here are our testing guidelines:

  • The MAP Growth and Science tests can be taken up to 3 times per academic year, but not more than once per testing window.
  • The cost for the MAP Growth and Science tests are $75 for the first testing session of the academic year (each session includes one test each of Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts).  Any additional testing sessions in the academic year costs $50 per testing session.
  • The MAP Skills test can be administered every 4-6 weeks.

What are the tech requirements? What devices can I use for the test?

Testing can be administered on an iPad, chromebook, windows PC, or Mac PC.  Sometimes, an alternate browser may be needed such as chrome.  For large screen devices, a temporary adjustment of the screen dimensions may be necessary.  Test out your device capability on the MAP practice website and enter the username and password below:

Practice Test: https://practice.mapnwea.org/

  • Username: grow
  • Password: grow

When will I receive the test reports?

Test results are available 3 business days after testing.

Testing Integrity and Proctoring

To ensure testing integrity, we employ a variety of safe practices.

First, students use a lockdown browser during the test which prevents access to webpages other than the testing webpage.

Second, at home tests require proctoring by a trusted adult (for example a parent or guardian).  The test taker cannot receive any assistance from any source.

I'm ready to signup, what's the next step?

Register for a test HERE

If you still have questions, or would like more information before signing up, please use the form below to contact us.

MAP Growth Sample Reports – click to view

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