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Dolphin STEM Academy

Our vision is a strong, globally-minded community of families and educators who work collaboratively to deliver

innovative STEM education.

Online Homeschool Curriculum

The BEST all-in-one homeschool curriculum choice!  Our general education curriculum is complete with student supports such as note taking, translation, read to me, transcripts, and more all within the curriculum!  

Assign course levels that meet your child's abilities and needs, not age level!   Personalization is at your fingertips and you are in control!

Need a tribe!  You aren't alone!  With your purchase of the homeschool curriculum, you will receive membership for our homeschool Co-op!  #STEMhomeschool

Full-time online Private School

Experience an online school with the feel of a brick-and-mortar school!  Your entire educational experience will be customized for you--from differentiated course selections to extra curricular activities.  

Get the personalized attention from certified teachers that you deserve!  Publish the school's blog or learn chemistry through Minecraft in our student clubs, use the live homework helpline throughout the week, message your teacher for help directly on the page of your online coursework, collaborate with friends during our online #STEMsynergy sessions!

Homeschool Co-op

Join our #STEMhive of private school and homeschool STEM parents!  

Collaborate, explore, and discover!  Learn more about exciting events and activities on the horizon.  

Become a Dolphin STEM Academy ambassador!  Moderate a social media group, spread the word about Dolphin STEM, support families that are new to homeschooling.  Apply to become an ambassador today.

Learn more about our Dolphin STEM Academy Co-op and all the benefits of membership.

inspiring passions in stem.  educating a new generation.

Dolphin STEM Academy

Scientists.  Technologists.  Engineers.  Mathematicians.  We are strong, knowledgeable, creative, inquisitive, determined, analytical, reflective, confident, accountable, resilient, independent, capable, universal, and passionate. 

We are risk-takers, critical thinkers, decision makers, and collaborators—we are STEM.

Key Curriculum Components

Homeschool and Private School

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    Science-based general education curriculum
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    Built-in supports within the curriculum to help students progress and achieve success
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    Supplementary components including foreign language, STEM electives, and more
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    #STEMsynergy sessions to develop #STEMpassions

Personalized curriculum and support

24/7 Access to Online Curriculum

Data to drive your academic progress

Online Homeschool and Private School

Get started with Dolphin STEM Academy!

​We empower students to reach their potential by developing their passions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


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